The TRAXX-M2 bolt tension monitor with a torque wrench


The best ultrasonic bolt tension monitor on the market.

A groundbreaking bolt tightening method

TRAXX is the specialist in controlled tightening methods and offers an innovative approach stemming from over 25 years of expertise in tension-based tightening.

TRAXX measures tightening tension for industrial applications ranging from automotive engine design studies to the assembly of several hundred-megawatt gas turbines. Always with the same goal: optimizing the tightening of threaded connections.

Believing in technical innovation, TRAXX strives daily to elevate the industry to its highest standard in the field. This commitment is reflected in our presence in 12 countries worldwide, addressing tension-based tightening challenges in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy, transportation, and even the watchmaking industry.

In tune with progress, TRAXX is an invitation to rethink and design the assemblies of tomorrow, emphasizing the importance of controlled tightening methods.

2 operators using TRAXX-M2 bolt tension monitor on a gaz turbine

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Assembly Installation

Our teams handle the complete installation and tightening of your bolted assemblies.

Torque Audit

In the event of an issue with your assembly, a TRAXX engineer intervenes at your site. Measurements are conducted and detailed in a report, enabling you to diagnose the problem and implement immediate solutions.

Assembly Monitoring and Maintenance

TRAXX allows you to track the evolution of an assembly over time. In the short term, observe the real-time behavior of an assembly. In the long term, monitor its performance over several years.

Tightening Training

TRAXX provides training for your engineers, technicians, or operators in the ultrasonic bolt load measurement method.

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hands manipulating the touchscreen of a bolt tension monitor traxx-m2

Explore our Bolt Tension Monitoring device

The Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitor TRAXX-M2 measures the elongation produced by tightening a bolted assembly. It gauges the preload of bolted connections made of virtually any material, ranging from 5mm to 14 meters in length.


TRAXX has clients in 17 countries, with over 200 applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, and transportation.


From design offices to maintenance services, from conception to production, they trust TRAXX, considering it the specialist in bolt load measurement.


Our clients design, test, diagnose, tighten, and monitor their bolted assemblies with TRAXX solutions.