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Tomorrow’s tightening

TRAXX is a method. An innovative new method, the fruit of our 20 years of research and experience in bolted assembly tightening. After hundreds of industrial site visits and interventions, TRAXX currently positions itself as THE tension tightening specialist.

The TRAXX adventure started in 1998, the result of working with the CETIM (Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques – Mechanical Industry Technical Center) which started in 1984. Since then, TRAXX has been steadily imposing itself as the world leader in tension tightening, driven by its ambition to generate technical progress in the industrial tightening sector.

In addition to designing and marketing bolt tension measurement units, TRAXX also provides a large range of services associated with tightening: on-site assembly management, monitoring assemblies over time, as well as consulting services and assessments on the subject of tightening.

TRAXX, the industrial tightening expert ! 

TRAXX is the global market leader in bolt tension measurement; its units are used in 12 countries, in these industry sectors: Automobile, Aeronautics, Energy, Rail and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

TRAXX systems now have over 200 different and varied industrial applications: gas turbine assembly, automobile engine tightening checks, monitoring high-tech buildings and civil engineering structures, real-time monitoring of heavy goods vehicle chassis.

Our priority is to optimize the tightening of complex assemblies.

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TRAXX is an internationally recognized tightening expert. The technical innovation of the TRAXX solution successfully meets the requirements of major industrial groups.

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