TMS : An assembly control system for your turbines



News : TMS is now available as an option on the TRAXX-M2


TMS is a control software application which is integrated into the TRAXX-M2 bolt tension measurement unit.

TMS (Tightening Management Software) can be used to manage and control tightening on your turbines and, more generally, all of your assemblies involving one or more crown or plate type sub-assemblies.

This software manages the bolt tension of the turbine by steps and assists the assembly operators in real-time.


  • TMS is also a tool to monitor your turbines over the long-term, allowing you to regularly assess and monitor your assemblies.
  •  The graphical representation for the assembly of your turbines can be entirely user-defined.
  • TMS is bilingual, available in FR and US versions.


Tightening can be configured as follows:

   > Turbine size

    > Number of bolts/screws

    > tightening order for each screw and the number of tightening steps

    > the number of tightening operators

    > the programmed tension or elongation thresholds (mini-nominal-maxi)

    > the display units (tension in kN, elongation in µm, inch or mil)


→ GE has already installed TMS on two of their sites (Greenville, USA and Belfort, FR) and uses it to assemble its 7HA (350MW) and 9HA (500MW) turbines.

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