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TRAXX is the industrial tightening specialist. The biggest industrial names trust us and continue to trust in us for their tightening needs. They have called on our expertise for their most delicate bolted assemblies. Here are a few words about the quality of our products and services.  



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“At PSA, TRAXX systems are used to set the optimal tightening of cylinder head screws and other engine sub-assemblies, to monitor transmission attachments over time, and even to optimize the tightening of our door hinges.”

Bruno Ingold

Engineer at PSA

Tightening services for the Safran Aircraft Engine’s flight test-bench unit in Istres, February 2017

“We really appreciated TRAXX’s skill, assurance and technical know-how. Their experience allowed us to gain complete control of this rather delicate tightening operation. ”

Sébastien DÉRAMOND

Department technical manager at Latécoère Services

“The TRAXX-M2 systems allow us to manage the assembly of the new 7HA gas turbine. The tension readings of each bolt are stored by the system. This simplifies all of our turbine maintenance and surveillance procedures.”

Michel Prouteau

Assembly engineer at GE

“We use the TRAXX M2 when we assemble our F1 engines. It allows us to effectively control the assembly of the cylinder head, crankshaft and bearings. We can now distribute the load evenly across all of the screws/bolts. TRAXX also allows us to monitor the screw whilst it is running and to follow any variations. It has become an essential tool, perfectly integrated into our production and test procedures. ”

Maurice Dupont

Engineer for Renault F1

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