Monitoring the performance of an assembly

The TRAXX method allows you to monitor a bolted assembly over time.

Control of tightening screwed assembly

In which situations ?

In the short-term: Observe the performance of an assembly in real-time. This will allow you to assess the performance of your assembly “in action” under the most critical conditions. Consequently you will learn about the variations in the force to which your screws/bolts are being subjected and thus identify the assembly’s mechanical limits.

In the long-term: You will be able to check the tension in each of your screws/bolts at all times. Monitor the performance of an assembly over 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. This method is commonly used in maintenance services and quality control…

How ?

The TRAXX-M2 can simultaneously monitor the performance of dozens of screws in real-time making hundreds of measurements per second.

In the long term, monitor the performance of a bolted assembly over time. The TRAXX-M2 records and stores the tightening data for each screw or bolt: the bolt/screw reference, its characteristics, tightening date and time and the tension applied. The data can then be analyzed to monitor any changes in the bolt/screw over time. It will then be simple to compare the tension measured in the bolt/screw at time t with that measured at time t-1.

Assembly monitoring application examples

Real-time monitoring

   The engineers at CLAAS complete endurance trials on the screws/bolts in their tractor chassis during operation on a test track. Using our real-time on-board measurement system, they are able to identify breakdown situations and any machine weak-spots.

Long-term monitoring

The engineers at GE (Greenville, USA) supervise the assembly of the 7HA (350 MW) gas turbine using TRAXX-M2 units. During the initial tightening phase on the turbines, the tension values and tightening parameters for each screw are saved for future use by the maintenance service. 

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