TRAXX proposes training

Training in the measure of tension of tightening by ultrasounds

When would you need this ?

  • If you need your engineers, technicians or operators to be trained in ultrasound bolt tension measurement.


  • If you have just acquired a TRAXX-M2 system and want to have your staff trained to use it.


Process of operation :

The Standard TRAXX ultrasound bolt tension measurement training program covers:

  • The ultrasound elongation measurement technique
  • How to know which sensors to use
  • Handling the system (administrator and operator authorizations)
  • Practical exercises in bolt tension measurement
  • Official TRAXX training CertificationThere are three training levels :
  • Operator level
  • Administrator level
  • Expert level

TRAXX Expert training concentrates on more advanced applications such as monitoring the tightening of a bolted assembly over time. All of our training programs are provided by a qualified engineer, specifically able to share our industrial tightening know-how with you.

Standard TRAXX training programs are designed for groups of 2 to 8 persons.

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