Tightening consulting and expertise

A TRAXX engineer can come to your site

As soon as you detect a problem or anomaly in your assemblies

TRAXX is the industrial tightening expert.

Measurements are made and then detailed in a report. This intervention will allow you to diagnose the problem and apply the necessary solutions, such as modifying the assembly process or the design of the parts to be assembled.

In which situations ?


  • Do you want to optimize the assembly procedure of your bolted joints ?
  • Have you noted recurring breakages in one of your assemblies ?
  •  Have you noted that your screws or bolts are loosening ?
  •  Do you need to analyze a series of screws/bolts to discover the origin of an assembly issue ?
Industrial tightening of the bolts of a wind turbine

Setting up the service provision

Industrial tightening of an engine

As part of their industrial tightening service, a TRAXX engineer will come to your site and will use the TRAXX-M2 to make the necessary bolt tension measurements. The screws or threaded studs in question will be analyzed under different conditions to establish their mechanical properties under stress and identify the origin of the problem.

After the intervention, the measurements and observations will be compiled in a report. This report will allow you to identify the problem and immediately apply the most suitable solution.

Consequently, to diagnose a problem with your assemblies, place your trust in TRAXX, the industrial tightening specialist.

Service examples


In this case the TRAXX engineer analyzed the tension in the standard bolts to identify the causes of the recurring breakages in these machines. On completion, the JOHN DEERE engineers where able to reduce the risk of breakages by improving the design of their next generation of machines.


The intervention provided the means to identify the optimal tension required for the brake disk screws and cylinder head bolts.


The service provided by the TRAXX team provided the means to check the tramway coupling screws to discover the origin of breakages that had been occurring. On completion of the service, ALSTOM was able to reduce these breakages by improving the design of the coupling systems.


The service provided by the TRAXX team provided the means to analysis the tension in civil aviation brake screws. This data was processed and resulted in the significant reduction in the loosening of certain parts.

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