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TRAXX, the bolt tension specialist


TRAXX is an innovative new technique, the fruit of our 20 years of expertise in bolted assembly tightening. TRAXX measures bolt tension in industrial applications ranging from the design stage of an automobile engine to the assembly of gas turbines that generate hundreds of megawatts of energy. The objective is always the same : the optimization of tightening of assemblies and bolted joints.

TRAXX believes in technical innovation and works each day to push its specialized industry sector towards ever increasing excellence. We now operate in 12 countries throughout the world, dealing with tightening issues as they arise in the automobile, aeronautics, energy and transport sectors.

TRAXX is in phase with progress, it is an invitation to think about tomorrow’s assemblies in an entirely new way.


Our tightening service offer

The tightening and assembly of a bolted assembly

Our staff can assist you at every stage in assembling and tightening your bolted assemblies

Tightening advice

A TRAXX engineer can intervene on-site whenever you detect a problem or an anomaly with your assemblies.Measurements are made and then detailed in a report.This intervention will allow you to diagnose the problem and immediately apply solutions.

Assembly monitoring

The TRAXX method allows you to monitor changes to an assembly over time. In short-term : observe an assembly’s performance in real-time. In the long-term : monitor an assembly’s performance over 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.

Specialized training

TRAXX can train your engineers, technicians or operators in the use of the ultrasound tension measurement technique




The TRAXX-M2 is an ultrasound bolt tension measurement system which can control and check the tightening of bolted assemblies to the highest degree of precision. It will allow you to manage the quality of your assemblies and optimize the tightening of your bolted joints.


They put their trust in us

In 12 countries, involving more than 200 applications in the aeronautics, automobile, energy and transport sector. From design office to maintenance department, from design to production.They have relied on TRAXX, the bolt tension measurement expert.

Our clients use the TRAXX solution to design, test, diagnose tighten and monitor their bolted assemblies.

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